90 Miles From Tyranny : Let The Cuckservative Finger Pointing Begin...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Let The Cuckservative Finger Pointing Begin...

The GOP Establishment is based on one fundamental axiom: the establishment is always right, especially when they’re wrong.

Their candidates never lose; the American voter simply fails to recognize that they’re right. Jeb Bush didn’t lose the nomination; a demagogue rallied a violent base that Bush was too principled to go after. Mitt Romney didn’t lose the election; an extended primary crippled him before he had a chance to win.

Even when, after 2012 they performed an oxymoronic self-autopsy, their conclusion was “We were not wrong, we were just ineffective in explaining how we were right.” While this may placate them internally, the only way to keep this sociopathy going publically is to point out, not just that they’re right, but that everyone else is wrong.

Assigning blame and pointing fingers is the amphetamine of modern politics and the Establishment indulges to no end. They wasted no time in blaming Barry Goldwater in his landslide loss in 1964 for being “too conservative” and blaming Ronald Reagan for...
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