90 Miles From Tyranny : Idiot Vs. Car....

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Idiot Vs. Car....

Car: 1
Idiot: 0

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Dink Newcomb said...

"Idiot Vs. Car...."
WHOA! Schadenfreude is appropriate but way too Eurotrash to cover my smart ass white boy satisfaction at seeing this clip, so I will just have to go with an amazed, smug and drawn out DAYYYUM!

Doom said...

Oh, come now. You guys haven't... hmm... tested your metal without using your brain first? If he lived, and just got a bit scraped, but starts using his thinking cap a bit more before leaping? Cool. Not whining, just... sayin'.

Maybe it was just some of us though. I'm just alive by yuge luck... to the miraculous actually. I've been run over. All I got was a bloody nose. Yes, it was my head. Light truck, damp ground.