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Saturday, September 17, 2016

London’s Muslim Mayor continued his pro-Hillary tour recently by telling Americans that immigrants shouldn’t have to assimilate.

The problem with that?

Need I go into detail? Seems self-explanatory.

If you come to a new country, you need to adapt to said country’s way of life.

Here’s a chilling story about a teenager in Paris who was gang raped by a group of illegal immigrants.

Pretty horrendous.

From Express:

A TEENAGER in Paris has been found tied up and gagged after being gang raped by a group of illegal immigrants next to the Eiffel Tower.

The 19-year-old French girl was lured to the monument on the proviso of a ‘date’ set up through Facebook.

She responded to messages from who she thought was a 17-year-old Tunisian boy and initially met him close to her home in the Paris suburbs.

Last Sunday evening she turned up for another date where she expected to have a picnic with the boy at the Champs des Mars, the park where the Eiffel Tower is, and was attacked.

A source close to the case, said: “It was a warm night, and she expected to eat strawberries and grapes, and to drink Coke, but then the attack took place.”

The woman was dragged under a bush behind where a blanket had been laid out.

She was then assaulted by three men who then gagged, beat her up and tied her up.

None of them had any official papers and all claimed they were 17 year olds from Tunisia and were...Read More HERE

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