90 Miles From Tyranny : Clinton Lies And Kills, But Trump Said A Bad Word, And You’re Upset

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Clinton Lies And Kills, But Trump Said A Bad Word, And You’re Upset

All right people, grow up. Even you liberals that have had the guts to stay with me over the last 8 years and really argue a point with facts rather than emotions. Let me explain this to you once and for all. The Socialist Democrat, known as Hillary Clinton, will do anything to be president. She has sold her soul to the devil in the form of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 along with Obama, Bush, Ryan, McCain, Merkel, and most other world leaders. If you think they care about your well-being or your rights, you better go read the UN charter and their bill of rights. They sound great on the surface, but take a moment to think about them and then read Agenda 21. That is the UN’s name for it not mine.

As for this recent smokescreen that is being put out just prior to tonight’s debate, about Donald Trump saying something derogatory about women 11 years ago and using the word Pussy, Get over it. The only reason it is being brought out now is that Hillary is losing what she sees as her“God Given Right” (translate as UN) to Rule America, and is so desperate she is grasping at straws. This whole dust-up just before the debate is to give the left-wing media, and the Hillary Moderator, something to try to use in an effort to divert attention from all the real issues that Hillary Clinton needs to explain and defend against. Just like the...

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