90 Miles From Tyranny : If Nixon Had Done Emailgate, He Would Have Died In Prison

Thursday, October 13, 2016

If Nixon Had Done Emailgate, He Would Have Died In Prison

The second presidential debate pushed these two thoughts into the front of my brain: First, why are the moderators always allowed to be so egregiously, unapologetically, shamelessly biased against Mr. Trump? And, secondly, and this is not supposed to be funny - indeed, it is no laughing matter - why didn’t Hillary do her part of the debate dressed in orange and in a concrete and steel cell - pacing back and forth under an observation camera? I mean, if our principally spineless nation is going to stand around with its hands in its pockets, and allow this woman to continue her candidacy, she should do that from the same sort of ‘study’ in which Adolf Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf.’ She has more than earned that. And no judge would grant her bail, seeing that she is the quintessential flight risk.

[A prefatory note: For the sake of life-giving brevity, I won’t spend a lot of time and space attempting to document the obviously nefarious janitorial behavior of Hillary Clinton. Anyone who has Internet access and any gray matter can check out the colorful history of former FLOTUS, United States Senator, Secretary of State, and now presidential candidate Clinton. Further, the controversial Clinton Foundation is an ever-morphing dark castle that already has an abundance of good reading out there documenting its shady movement. Reciting its exploits is a temptation that would kill my story - because it’s just too much to wade through. In fact, let’s just call this whole thing a ‘what if’ (which is really what it is). So many have seen enough of the information available thoroughly exposing both the Clintons and their altruistic-looking ‘Foundation’ as nothing short of an elaborately engineered storefront laundering money and hiding all sorts of criminal behavior. But that’s just my opinion - and I’m still entitled to that. For now.]

Finally I Can See What ‘Emailgate’ is REALLY All About!

My last article, Finally I Can See What ‘Emailgate’ is REALLY All About!, was the detailed, nascent version of what you’re reading here. I was thinking aloud about Hillary’s ‘emailgate’, I wrote everything down and ran it past the many readers of Canada Free Press and then the several journals, blogs and message boards that subsequently picked up the article. I didn’t find a single commentor who disagreed with any of my conclusions. Some of you may be thinking, “They probably didn’t know how to type” I thought about that, myself.

In its last paragraph I quoted Jon Sopel, North American editor for BBC News (and most probably the man who minted the term ‘emailgate’). In his March 2015 article, one of the earliest about that, Jon asked a most elementary question that has yet to be answered: “But if Hillary Clinton is - genuinely - so supremely relaxed about everyone seeing her e-mails, why did she conduct her business through this private e-mail account and...Read More HERE

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