90 Miles From Tyranny : Here Are Al Gore Sex Assault Allegations The Media Covered Up

Monday, October 17, 2016

Here Are Al Gore Sex Assault Allegations The Media Covered Up

The New York Times and Washington Post have morphed into the personal Facebook pages of random women making unsubstantiated allegations against Donald Trump. So maybe they should at least finally quote a female masseuse’s statements to police about Al Gore allegedly sexually assaulting her in a Portland Hotel.

In 2010, the Portland Police announced they were opening up an investigation into Molly Haggerty’s charges about the alleged 2006 incident. Even though an official transcript of her interview the previous year with Portland Police Detective Molly Baul was quickly posted by TheSmokingGun.com, the New York Times only reported in vague term that Gore was being accused of unwanted sexual advances. WaPo investigative reporter Carol Leonnig reported that the woman told police that she “was repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual touching.”

That made it sound like Gore just tried to cop a feel once or twice on the way out of his doors. Actually, the details, if true, are harrowing and actually go beyond even what women are alleging about Trump.

Haggerty said her clue phone started ringing when she got to Gore’s two-room hotel suite on October 23, 2006, and he asked for the massage in the bedroom, not the main room on the massage table she apparently brought.

When Gore, in town for a climate change speech, finally agreed to go on the table he started “demanding sexual favors.”

Just like Bill Clinton in a hotel room with Juanita Broaddrick, it seems, Gore did not take no for an answer very well, if her account is correct.

“He grabbed my right hand hard, shoved it down the...

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  1. Bill taught him well. It's only rape if a Republican does it.


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