90 Miles From Tyranny : Emails Reveal Sidney Blumenthal Bashing Obama

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Emails Reveal Sidney Blumenthal Bashing Obama

Clinton ally called illegal immigrants the ‘undeserving poor,’ the Democrats the ‘party of Wall Street’

Hillary Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal bashed President Obama’s economic recovery, calling it a failure, and criticized policies such as the stimulus and Obamacare, according to leaked emails.

“The economy story has three acts: Bush’s recession, followed by Obama’s attempted recovery, followed by Obama’s failed recovery,” wrote Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton in September of 2010. “Blaming Bush has a fading political half-life. In September, we’ve concluded ‘Recovery Summer,’ which curdled into Slowdown Summer.”

“Obama put his brand on “Recovery Summer” and now he owns Slowdown Summer—that’s his brand for the midterms,” he said. “The slowdown is on Obama’s watch; it’s charged to his credit card.”

Blumenthal then went on to criticize some of President Obama’s signature economic policies.

“Obama’s most devoted pundit apologists echo talking points that he’s achieved health care, the stimulus and financial reform,” Blumenthal said. “Unfortunately, the stimulus was inadequate, financial reform is perceived as abstract, and health care has not gained broad public acceptance with its main benefits yet to be delivered. We are now at the place in the story that is about a false dawn and a false messiah.”

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