90 Miles From Tyranny : America Is Rife With Ageism, Sexism And Misandry

Saturday, November 12, 2016

America Is Rife With Ageism, Sexism And Misandry

The current bogeyman being discussed in America among the leftist media elite which consists of nearly all media, is "old, white males". Old, white males are being blamed oddly enough for winning an election. 

This small minority of Americans are somehow being disparaged for having the right to vote for the candidate of their choice? What seems like a dystopic fantasy novel has become the reality of the obtuse leftist media, their fellow leftist propagandists in the entertainment industry and the leftist oligarchs that control silicon valley tech industry and much of the web.

This level of monolithic hate and vitriol towards a small minority group is disturbing, unwarranted and dangerous. As we see beatdowns in the streets of older white men for exorcising their right to vote, the media ignore what they have sown and continue on their path of destruction, their violent, reckless behavior seems designed to literally beat their opponents into submission by the promotion of hate and violence towards the small minority group of older white men.

What the media and their extremist, leftist surrogates are doing is violence; hateful, vengeful violence designed to punish people who do not submit to their leftist agenda.

Why is ageism, sexism and misandry perfectly acceptable when all other forms of discrimination are not? The answer is that the left does not care about discrimination as long as it furthers their leftist agenda and is used as a political tool to silence their opponents, or if necessary, beat them into bloody submission... or worse.

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1 comment:

  1. Heh, heh, heh.
    That's right, I'm an old, whit, male.
    I voted for Trump. The first time in my life that I voted for a Republican nominee for President too.

    They can all kiss my ass.


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