90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump wins! The people win!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins! The people win!

By Herman Cain
On this day after the 2016 presidential election, I am more relieved than jubilant. I am relieved that the liberal media did not win with its persistent negative portrayal of Trump, and its persistent cover-up of Hillary Clinton.

I am relieved that the #NeverTrump voices did not sway the voice of the people. I am relieved that the lies of the liberal Democrats did not drown out the truth. I am relieved that the people who care about America’s future got out and voted

Dump the anti-Trump crap

A Trump presidential victory is not a time to spike the football, but a time to present the winning ball to the American people.

The voice of the people was heard!

But I do feel some jubilation about the possibilities with a Trump presidency and a Republican House and Senate. Together, they can get a lot of positive things done. But this will be the Republicans’ last chance to get America on the right track. No excuses!

Memo to Republicans in Congress (and many of you should thank your lucky stars that you are returning):

First, dump the anti-Trump crap. The people elected him against all odds. Work with him and not against him. The people will be paying attention, and they will remember come the next Election Day.

Put America first and the people first

Second, put America first and the people first. Forget unpaid political favors and back scratching or you will be thrown under the bus! Be a part of this new movement or get crushed by...
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