90 Miles From Tyranny : #Calexit - The True, Sad Story...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

#Calexit - The True, Sad Story...

California becomes Venezuela.
Californians sneak into Arizona to get toilet paper.
Celebrities really leave for Canada.


  1. If California does secede there will be a huge exedose of Concervatives and industry.
    My friend was going to close down his tool and die business if Hillary won. People like him and myself would flee the truly communist state. Now that Trump won, we realize we need to take back Caloforna and push out the left wing socialist (masked communists).

  2. California liberals: doing what the San Andreas Fault hasn't done.

  3. This really is delicious. Gonna borrow it....

  4. At least the rest of the west could keep their water


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