90 Miles From Tyranny : MILO Destroys SJW Who Says Trump Support Makes You ‘White Supremacist’

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MILO Destroys SJW Who Says Trump Support Makes You ‘White Supremacist’

At a talk at the University of Miami, Ohio, MILO, Breitbart’s resident gay thot, was interrupted by a student who him of “hypocrisy” and “white supremacy,” until he was shut down by MILO.

The student, who immediately identified himself as a Democrat, insisted that MILO was a hypocrite for criticising Islam but never mentioned alleged extremism from Catholics, because “they were the ones who made up the word ‘faggot’… when gay people were burnt at the stake.” After MILO responded, he then claimed that MILO was a “speaker of the alt-right… and a white supremacist.” MILO proceeded to shake his head, with the student again launching into him, saying that MILO “was biased… and that journalism [has] to be un-biased.”

MILO responded to him: “so do you think the New York Times is unbiased… give me a source of unbiased journalism!” MILO kept going, mentioning that the left have “created a holy grail around unbiased reporting… [journalists] should be open and transparent about [their] political objectives, and let readers make up their own minds… You should go and listen to me, and listen to feminists, and BLM activists.”

MILO then went back to...Read More HERE

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