90 Miles From Tyranny : FAKE NEWS: 4 Websites That Rushed to Blame Trump Supporters for Mississippi Church Arson

Monday, December 26, 2016

FAKE NEWS: 4 Websites That Rushed to Blame Trump Supporters for Mississippi Church Arson

Following the November arson attack against a black church in Mississippi, several mainstream media outlets attempted to paint the crime as a racially-motivated attack by a Donald Trump supporter.

Despite lacking a large amount of evidence for their claims, which were largely based on “Vote Trump” grafitti painted onto to the church and the n-word found shortly before, the outlets continuously pushed the narrative of a Trump-induced hate crime.

Little did they know that the attack was actually allegedly perpetrated by Andrew McClinton, a black man who was a member of the church he torched. It has also since been revealed that McClinton is also allegedly the perpetrator of the graffiti found on the church.

The perpetrators who set the Hopewell M.B. Church in MS on fire must be brought to justice. This kind of hate has no place in America. -H

Since the mainstream media, along with social networks such as Facebook are concerned with the rise of “fake news,” here is a sample of the outlets which pushed this false narrative without the facts.

“A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump” – The Atlantic

The Atlantic, a news outlet which has frequently covered the topic of “fake news,” could quite possibly be the contender for one of the most false headlines this year with “A Black Church Burned in the Name of Trump.”

The Atlantic reported that the arson attack was being investigated as a “hate crime,” tried to link the attack to rising racism, and claimed that the motivation was for someone to leave “a calling card about politics.”

Since their claims, a fire marshal has declared that the attack was unlikely to do with politics, and the site has been forced to issue an update on their article. However, there is still no mention to the fact that the perpetrator was neither a Donald Trump supporter nor a white man, despite largely trying to emphasize those two points originally.

“Burning a black church is a political act” – Vox

Vox Media, the same news outlet which has officially banned employees from “mansplaining,” falsely labelled popular Trump supporters as anti-Semites, and whose popular left-wing commentator Ezra Klein was seen by the Clinton Campaign as an attack dog to “hold journalists accountable,” pulled out all the stops in their attempt to make the Mississippi church arson attack seem like a racist crime from the right.

“The message spray-painted on the burned bricks is drawing attention to a history of racist violence that has been amplified over...Read More HERE

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