Thursday, January 26, 2017


The Trump era is off to a roaring start as the new president has spent the week stomping the dismal legacy of Barack Obama into pulp. Trump has churned out executive orders on a daily basis that have sank the TPP, restarted work on critical domestic oil pipelines, drawn a hard line on immigration, ordered the construction of the Mexican border wall and the week isn’t done yet.

The Democrats and their warmongering allies in the media and Congress are on their heels as Trump drives the good guys down the field like Tom Brady eviscerating an opposing defense while he continues to run up the score. On Thursday the POTUS is reportedly going to turn his focus to foreign matters with a series of orders designed to free America from the clutches of foreign interests and to target the U.N.

The real threat to the corrupt order however may be Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who is being vilified for her trip to Syria where she talked to the survivors of Obama’s ruinous Middle East policies and met with Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

Gabbard then went on CNN and in an interview with Jake Tapper intended to be an ambush, dropped the truth bomb that Obama and John McCain’s cherished Syrian rebels are actually terrorists.

Check this out, it is very rare that such truth telling is allowed to seep out via the establishment media:
Tapper was clearly gobsmacked after the Hawaii Democrat completely undermined his propaganda.

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