90 Miles From Tyranny : Germany: Muslim migrant pushes woman onto train tracks

Monday, January 23, 2017

Germany: Muslim migrant pushes woman onto train tracks

Germany’s new normal, thanks to Angela Merkel. Her reelection would be Germany’s death warrant.

“Teen pushed on LIVE TRACK at train station in horror mugging attack in Hamburg,” by Jack Warren and Monika Pallenberg, Express, January 19, 2017:
HORRIFIC footage has emerged after a teenager pushed a woman on to live train tracks as he tried to mug her in Germany.
The Moroccan-born boy attempted to rob the woman at a city train station in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn district, just hours after being arrested for a separate assault at a different train station.
The 16-year-old approached the victim as she waited for her train at about 00:50 on Thursday morning, according to CCTV.
The footage shows the boy reaching into the woman’s handbag as she stands on the platform.
As the victim notices the attempted theft, a scuffle breaks out between the pair as she begins to resist.
The 34-year-old cries out for help, but the teen is alleged to have pushed her chest, forcing her backwards from the platform on to the tracks.
The woman...
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