90 Miles From Tyranny : Sweden not deporting their Muslim migrant rapists

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sweden not deporting their Muslim migrant rapists

Sweden won’t deport the Muslim migrant rapists behind the mushrooming rape epidemic but they will prosecute anyone who speaks critically of the Muslim migrants and their rape ideology.

Sweden’s refusal to deport theses rapists is an insult to women and especially to the victims.

Where are the parades of feminists demanding better protection for women and girls?

It is one of the prime duties of any state to protect its citizens from crime – this must rank as a failure. The message is loud and clear – molest our women and we will let you stay.

Sweden is on course for the twilight zone between the civilized world and the failed state.

Shocking official statistics from Sweden have revealed only 13 percent of foreigners found guilty of raping children are being deported to their home countries.

The foreign nationals tried and convicted of some of the most horrific crimes imaginable are being allowed to stay in the country.

Government figures from 2010 to 2014 reveal even rapists who aren’t registered as Swedish residents are not being kicked out of the country.

It comes just months after five Afghan teenagers were convicted of gang-raping a boy in Sweden – but none of them will be deported because their homeland is ‘too dangerous’.

Five Afghan teenagers have been convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point in a forest in...Read More HERE

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