Saturday, March 18, 2017

Trump gets the job done! Immigration judges sent to border areas to speed criminal illegal deportations

President Trump has promised to deport criminal illegals, and he is taking steps to follow through on that promise.

In fact, twelve U.S. cities with high populations of illegal aliens charged with crimes are about to receive some federal help getting rid of them.

Two administration officials have confirmed to the New York Post that the U.S. Justice Department plans to speed up illegal immigrant deportations by temporarily reassigning immigration judges from around the country to the following cities: Los Angeles; New York City; San Francisco; Miami; New Orleans; Baltimore; El Paso, Texas; Bloomington, Minnesota; Harlingen, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Phoenix, Arizona and Imperial, California.

Aspects of the plan are still under review, including who and how many judges will be reassigned.

In addition to the two officials, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review has also confirmed the identification of the twelve cities, the Post reports.

In a reversal of an Obama-era policy that only prioritized deportations of illegals convicted of “serious” crimes, Trump’s policy is to eject illegal immigrants with pending criminal cases, whether or not they...

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