90 Miles From Tyranny : South Africa | Apartheid & the Future

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

South Africa | Apartheid & the Future

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Henk said...

Hi MIke,
Two points:
1. Please turn off the auto-refresh on your page, it is a bit frustrating watching a video and everything refresh and start from scratch again...
2. I'm a South African and yes, everything she talks about are true. It is so frustrating and very sad to see such a beautiful country go down the drain. You see things deteriorating daily and the gap between the rich (politically connected people which thrive on corruption) and our 'normal' people just grow... The phrase commonly used is that it is more important to have a new BMW or Mercedes for the mayor is more important than supplying water or sanitation to the town.... Just look at the rest of Africa... we are heading there at an accelerated pace. CAse in point also Zimbabwe.... the past 30 years history of Zim... from a once productive country to nothing more than a hellhole which only caters to the politically connected, with most of the Zim population now living is South Africa.
Additionally to the NGO she mentioned, we have a organization called Afriforum which also try to get international recognition for the atrocities happening is SA.

Love your blog