90 Miles From Tyranny : Bernie Sanders... Mass Murder Wannabe...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bernie Sanders... Mass Murder Wannabe...

Socialism Always Leads To Communism, Communism Always Leads To Mass Murder..


  1. Nowadays a moderate is a Democrat, a Democrat is a socialist, a socialist is a communist and a communist is a mass murdering maniac who prefers control to Freedom. And that makes the admitted socialist Sanders a damn commie. Seems these idiots have learned nothing from the last century. Of course it's hard for them to learn when the communists run education and refuse to teach them.

  2. In related news, the CA state assembly voted to remove prohibitions of avowed communists to hold government jobs.

  3. Ah yes, Unknown it's some commie humor for ya. The state legislature of California is currently voting on(and is expected to pass) a bill allowing communists to hold legislative office in the state. Up till now it has been technically illegal to be a commie and a legislator in the Peoples Republic of California although one would never have suspected that was true. It will of course pass since regardless of what the law was the voting legislature is somehow filled with commies.

    The reason they keep sarcastically saying Cali is full of fruits and nits is to distract from the fact that Cali is really filled with traitors, subversives and communists.


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