90 Miles From Tyranny : Evidence of efforts to sabotage Trump

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Evidence of efforts to sabotage Trump

We can be almost totally assured, after months of almost daily leaks to the press by anonymous executive branch sources, that Democrats would be leaking evidence of Trump malfeasance from the Special Counsel investigation by now if they had something. Yet we have heard nothing.

Yes, that Special Counsel. The one set up as a result of James Comey illegally leaking his infamous memos (we know there are at least 4 at this point) and packed with attorneys that represented and donated to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

And if the Washington Post had given the Democrats and Obama when he was President the same scrutiny used to report on Watergate, we would all be aware that something much bigger than a “third-rate burglary” had gone on in the process of trying to assure the victory of their party’s candidate in the November 8 presidential election.

Meanwhile, more evidence of Democrats’ efforts to discredit Trump was brought to light by Sean Hannity on his “Hannity” TV show Monday night, July 10.

An article at Politico January 11 titled “Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire” gave detailed information from named sources of actual collusion of Democrats with Ukrainians to try and discredit the Trump campaign.

The article focused on the efforts of Alexandra Chalupa, a Democrat operative “who had worked in...
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