90 Miles From Tyranny : More than half of Comey’s Trump memos contain classified info, officials say

Monday, July 10, 2017

More than half of Comey’s Trump memos contain classified info, officials say

When you set out on a journey of petty revenge, you should start by digging two graves: Your enemy’s and your own.

Disgruntled fired FBI Director James Comeyshould’ve heeded this warning before leaking classified intelligence to the left-wing media in a bid to take down President Donald Trump. All it did was reveal Comey to be a vindictive traitor who should never have been trusted with national security secrets.

In June, Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had a friend leak his personal memos to the New York Times shortly after being fired by Trump in May. At the time, Comey testified that he leaked the documents to defend his reputation after Trump dissed him on Twitter.

Comey also claimed that the memos he wrote as FBI director detailing his top-secret conversations with the president of the United States did not contain any classified information and were his personal property. Say what?

Officials who have seen the Comey memos say that is patently false, and that more than half the memos contained top-secret, classified information.

Four of the seven memos Comey wrote chronicling his conversations with President Trump contained classified intel, officials told the Hill. The documents were clearly marked by the FBI as containing information classified as both “confidential” and...Read More HERE

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