90 Miles From Tyranny : I survived Hurricane Irma..

Monday, September 11, 2017

I survived Hurricane Irma..

Somehow South Florida dodged a bullet as Irma went west rather than north. I still received 100 mile an hour winds in gusts as the bands passed over us.  I lost power for 5 hours, in which I napped, read my kindle and contemplated the human condition.

I already took my hurricane panels down and am waiting for the street to be cleared of downed trees.

Broward County Florida was under a curfew until today 10:00 am, so I may go out and about today, all schools and government offices are closed. Fort Lauderdale Airport opens tomorrow.

There are still many people (millions?) without power.

I probably will return to work tomorrow, depending on road conditions.

All is well!

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  1. Good to hear. Here in the Tampa area we've had little wind damage or flooding. None of which directly affected us. Didn't even loose power.


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