Wednesday, September 20, 2017


“Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.”—G.K. Chesterson

Concerned parents of school-aged children know that sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists are destroying our public schools and universities. But Charter schools were thought to be safe from these dark ideological radicals.

Sexual revolutionaries and cultural Marxists believe that there are no differences between men and women, and that “male” and “female” are merely social constructs.

After Monday’s packed board meeting at Rocklin Academy Charter School, it appears these radicals have infiltrated even the charter schools.

More than 500 parents and LGBTQIA activists packed the Rocklin Academy Charter School board meeting Monday. Parents were there to register their disgust and displeasure with the school over its lack of policy surrounding discussions about gender identity… in a kindergarten class. Some are asking “How young is too young to introduce a child to the concept of gender identity?” But more parents are saying this discussion doesn’t belong in school at all.

The only concession to parents by the school board was to agree to “endeavor” to notify parents about such controversial topics. Perhaps that is why “40 families and 71 children have already left the school,” a parent who wished to remain anonymous reported. “That number is changing every hour.”

“Jazz” is a Not a Girl

Recently a Rocklin Academy kindergarten teacher read aloud to the class from a controversial book about a “transgender” child, and then assisted the child’s “transformation” from a boy to a girl in front of the class. Parents were outraged, and demanded an opt-out policy over discussions like this subject, and its place in the classroom.

Some parents asked the charter school to let them know ahead when controversial topics, like gender identity, would be discussed in class and allow their students to opt out.

The tail is wagging the dog here. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “The estimated proportion of transgender individuals based on surveys that categorized transgender as gender identity was 0.39%, but they attribute that number to be heavily weighted to youth transgender persons. The estimated proportion of transgender adults based on surveys that categorized transgender as sexual orientation was 0.06%.

Yet in my last article, I wrote about a California bill, authored by avowed LGBTQIA leftist Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco), that would criminalize the ‘misgendering’ of...Read More HERE

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