90 Miles From Tyranny : Fans Call for NFL Boycott on Veterans Day Weekend

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fans Call for NFL Boycott on Veterans Day Weekend

Groups urge Americans to stand with vets over football players staging 'unpopular national anthem protests'

Two groups of National Football League fans urged viewers to boycott Sunday’s games in honor of Veterans’ Day Weekend as the nation continues to grapple with the ongoing national anthem kneeling controversy.

Boycott the NFL, a Facebook page boasting more than 254,000 followers, urged patriotic football fans to skip watching Sunday’s games “in solidarity with veterans around the country.” The conservative watchdog organization 2ndVote also took a stance on Sunday’s games, requesting that football fans “stiff-arm the NFL” and send a “message” to its officials and sponsors by doing so.We’re sending the National Football League, its corporate sponsors, and the television networks a message this Veterans Day weekend!" 2ndVote said Friday. "Americans are sick of the disrespectful National Anthem protests that the NFL has not only allowed to continue, but has institutionalized in pregame ceremonies."

"We are so grateful for the service of our veterans and active duty military and for the flag they served under. In their honor, we are going to #STANDwithVets over those who engage in the inappropriate and immensely unpopular National Anthem protests," 2ndVote continued.

Noting that the NFL "is already feeling the financial consequences" of allowing the national anthem protests to continue, 2ndVote said "we can make a HUGE statement this weekend" by...Read More HERE

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