90 Miles From Tyranny : The Chinese Created Nicknames for Trump — It’s Driving Leftists Crazy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Chinese Created Nicknames for Trump — It’s Driving Leftists Crazy

It’s easy to see how Melania Trump or President Donald Trump’s granddaughter might attract a lot of fans in China. But as it turns out they weren’t the only ones who apparently have a fan club.

Turns out the Chinese are intrigued and entranced with the Donald himself.

Chinese tend to respect the strong and he certainly projects that in abundance.

From NY Times:
They call him “Donald the Strong.” They heap praise on his family. They fawn over his rapid-fire tweets. They have even created an online fan club.
In America, President Trump faces a feisty press corps, damaging investigations into associates and sagging approval ratings.
But in China, where Mr. Trump arrived Wednesday, he has acquired a legion of admirers who hail him as a straight-talking politician and business mogul with a knack for deal-making.
“He’s true to himself,” said Dai Xiang, a resident of the eastern province of Jiangsu who belongs to an online group of more than 23,000 people that exchanges news and commentary about Mr. Trump. “He’s real, unlike other politicians.”
He’s found many fans and ardent supporters.
They refer to him as “Uncle Trump,” “Grand Commander” and “Donald the Strong.” After Mr. Trump’s visit to the Forbidden City on Wednesday with President Xi Jinping, one fan wrote on social media, “Long live Emperor Trump!”
Mr. Trump’s Chinese fans praise his irrepressible style, his skill as an entertainer and his willingness to say what he thinks. Many also like the fact that he seems less inhibited than previous American presidents about recognizing China as a superpower and as an equal on the global stage.
It’s a different approach to China, recognizing their value and achievements, while not disregarding America’s concerns and interests.
Trump has changed the tone of the conversation with China.
For many Chinese, Mr. Trump is a familiar type: the celebrity businessman. Successful, outspoken tycoons can win godlike status in China’s get-rich society, and Mr. Trump is no exception. His books, including “Trump Never Give Up,” received glowing reviews on Chinese websites. He is presented as a role model, a billionaire with his own empire of...

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