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Sunday, November 19, 2017

REPORT: Time To Investigate Obama’s FBI

President Obama weaponized the federal government to punish his political enemies and further the agendas of his supporters. This climate of government intimidation and manipulation culminated in the 2016 Election that saw the FBI attacking one presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and favoring another, Hillary Clinton. Clinton was of course Mr. Obama’s former Secretary of State. Trump was a political outsider who didn’t even have the full support of the GOP but did have the support of tens of millions of voters both Republican and Democrat alike. This popularity made Donald Trump the single greatest threat to the D.C. status-quo and as such, became Barack Obama’s #1 target for political and personal destruction.

It is a scenario that has U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows demanding a full and independent investigation be launched into the Obama FBI and its connection to he false “Trump dossier” that was used as the justification for illegal surveillance of private citizens connected to the Trump campaign. (And likely surveillance of Mr. Trump himself and his family.)

For the past year, as our government has been mired in both an aimless and fruitless investigation into accusations of collusion between the Russian government and the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign, Democrats have insisted that Congress follow where the evidence leads in this investigation. My Democratic colleagues are absolutely right. Congress should follow where the facts lead. However, they’re leading in a very different direction than the mainstream media narrative might suggest.

…The fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid intelligence officials in Russia for salacious and false information on President Trump is suspicious enough. But we’re also beginning to see evidence that raises questions about whether the Obama Justice Department may have inappropriately...

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Kye said...

"President Obama weaponized the federal government to punish his political enemies and further the agendas of his supporters." Beg to differ, Mike. The federal government and especially the FBI, IRS and DOJ were weaponized against the people before Capt. Anemia. The Kenyan just focused their hostility and hatred of freedom towards those of us most likely to put up a fight. The people who compose the rank and file of government operatives/agents/workers take an oath to defend the Constitution and immediately upon finishing the words go about deconstructing our Republic for their own self interest. This is a fact with the military perhaps being the only exception and they are currently trying to deconstruct that too.