90 Miles From Tyranny : The Key to Unhappiness

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Key to Unhappiness


  1. Great post, on a GREAT Blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    So. Central Ohio

  2. 20 years ago I was not terribly happy. A very wise man told me to cultivate gratitude and how to do it. He said, "Just make a list of FIVE things you are grateful for." I was at sea wondering what there was to be so grateful for. He said, "Are you glad to be breathing? Start with that." He told me he began and his list was only 5, now years later he ran out of breath listing everything he was grateful to have in his life. He was, btw, a philosophy professor among many other things. Now, I have a list that seems to be never-ending even though I am so NOT a Pollyanna type. Gratitude works.

    1. Some things just ring true, and this is one of them...


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