90 Miles From Tyranny : Afraid of a major conflict? The German military is currently unavailable

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Afraid of a major conflict? The German military is currently unavailable

BERLIN — Three years ago, Germany's military made headlines when it used broomsticks instead of machine guns during a NATO exercise due to a shortage of equipment. The lack of real weapons in the European Union's most populous nation was seen as symptomatic of how underfunded its military has long been.

One Russian annexation later, if anything, the state of affairs has only gotten worse.

The parliamentary commissioner for the country's armed forces has now reached the conclusion that the German military is virtually "not deployable for collective defense," at the moment. Independent commissioner Hans-Peter Bartels also indicated in a recent interview that Germany was unprepared for the possibility of a larger conflict even though smaller operations abroad may still be possible.

Last October, reports emerged that not a single German military submarine was operational - at a time when Russian submarine operations in the Baltic Sea were raising new concerns.

The most commonly used German assault rifle stops functioning correctly in hot weather or if it overheats from too much use. Bundeswehr pilots are using choppers owned by a private automobile club to practice because so many of their own helicopters are in need of repair. And about half of all tanks were out of order as recently as last November, which left the country with only 95 functioning...Read More HERE


matism said...

Quite frankly, with Merkel and the EU pushing their agenda, I am VERY glad that the German military is currently unavailable. There is effectively no probability that they would be used for anything good if they ever were deployed.

Anonymous said...

A sad illustration of how a once proud, efficient and effective military has been neutered. Make no mistake, that's exactly what Obama and his Socialists were attempting right here in the United States.

BigFire said...

Standing Army? Who needs them other than a job farm. They got the much despised Yankees to protect them.

iosef said...

Angela took a page from Barry's playbook, with a twist, though. She can't build a world-class welfare state for third-world muzzie rapist and thieves without robbing the living f*ck out of everyone and everything.