90 Miles From Tyranny : Dick Morris: Mueller Hid Uranium Scandal to Help Hillary

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Dick Morris: Mueller Hid Uranium Scandal to Help Hillary

In the spring of 2016, as the election approached, attention was increasingly focused on Russia’s ambition to control America’s uranium supply. Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” exposed the fact that, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton had voted to allow Moscow to buy a company that controlled one-fifth of our uranium. When Schweizer coupled his revelation with the fact that Vladimir Putin had paid a $500,000 speaking fee Putin to Bill Clinton a few weeks before the vote, the deal started to attract attention.

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The New York Times, given an advance copy of Schweitzer’s book, ran the uranium story as its lead article, front page, above the fold. Hillary could not afford to have the media publicize the Russian spy plot to bribe their way into control of uranium. It would have cast Hillary’s vote in a very bad light. Yet the fact is that right around the time that Hillary voted to sell our uranium, the FBI closed in on a spy ring of up to a dozen Russian agents who had been bribing uranium and transportation companies to aid in giving Moscow leverage.

(The operations of these spies formed the factual basis for the TV series “The Amerikans,” about Russian spies planted for years and even decades in the U.S. and trained to act like ordinary Americans).

Led by Vadim Mikerin, a former nuclear official of Russia’s state-run enterprise Rosatom, the spies sought to worm their way into positions of power to influence US officials — particularly Hillary — to OK the sale of uranium mines to Russia. An FBI informant who infiltrated the plot alerted the Bureau in 2010. National Review reports that Justice “had a prosecutable case against...

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