90 Miles From Tyranny : Attorney: Google Has “Re-Education” Camps for Its Conservative Employees

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Attorney: Google Has “Re-Education” Camps for Its Conservative Employees

It’s a sure sign of a totalitarian system.

Those who don’t toe the party line on any politically sensitive topic tend not to last very long – they’re either removed or forced to change their way of thinking to match the prevailing power until diversity of thought is a thing of the past.

And when it comes to one of the world’s best-known companies, it’s a system that’s in full swing, according to an attorney suing the technology giant Google.

Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer suing Google on behalf of James Damore, an engineer who was ousted in August after a memo he wrote criticizing the company’s “diversity” efforts went public, was a guest Thursday on “Breitbart News Tonight” on Sirius XM’s Patriot channel.

She outlined the lengths Google she said was prepared to go to enforce orthodox thinking among its employees when it comes to liberal attitudes toward the workplace.

“From top to bottom there’s this bubble of very, very liberal groupthink that is at the same time very intolerant of people who have more traditional values,” Dhillon said.

“So, James is somebody who I would call — he calls himself a classical liberal, not necessarily a conservative, more libertarian, free-thinker type, guy who was in a Ph.D. program at Harvard after getting his master’s and decided to join Google — he was recruited there. He worked there for a few years and he got tremendously good reviews throughout his entire tenure there.”

But Dhillon said there is more to advancement at Google than technical ability.

“To get promoted at Google you have to check off the boxes prescribing to their diversity policies by attending diversity training, etc.,” she said.

“So, he went to one of these and you know it was all groupthink and it was all about how the fact that Google has fewer female engineers than male is because of bias and how everybody needs to get rid of their biases so we can achieve 50/50 parity. He [James] said ‘well wait a minute, why are we only looking at gender and these sort of characteristics? Are we thinking about diversity of thought here or are we thinking about anything else? And, you know, is your model really true?’”

After that “diversity training,” Damore and others who participated were asked to write down their reactions, Dhillon said. That’s when Damore composed the draft of what became the memo on diversity that put his name in the news – and cost him his job at Google.

As Dhillon explained it, Damore was simply asking questions – like how Google could seriously have a goal of making 50 percent of its engineering hires female when only 20 percent of computer engineering graduate are women.

“It’s their right to have that goal if they want,” Dhillon said. “They cannot achieve their goal legally by quotas, by putting men down, by shaming them, by refusing to promote them, by booing them in companywide meetings, which has been done and is...Read More HERE

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