90 Miles From Tyranny : New United Nations Leader Reveals Plan To Promote Global Mass Migration

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New United Nations Leader Reveals Plan To Promote Global Mass Migration

On Thursday, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres urged governments to reconsider its outlook on migration as part of an ambitious promotion of a crisis whose effects can be felt worldwide.

The call was part of a larger argument that migration — as seen throughout history — has the possibility of benefitting multiple countries socially and economically, according to The Guardian.

Guterres urged leaders to promote and safeguard foreign labor, as well as open up more routes for those migrants who often face danger during their travels — particularly women and children.

The report itself titled “Making Migration Work for All” comes ahead of migration negotiations which are to be made later this year by the U.N. general assembly, and focuses on steps to be taken in order to emphasize its link to the recently adopted 2030 “Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Among other steps to curb the stigma and fear against migrants, the report itself highlights how the member states can not only help promote regular migration, but also help migrants fulfill both economic and social potential.

The report also explores the different ways mixed movements of migrants and refugees can cause challenges or setbacks, and how to possibly overcome them — an audacious plan overall in order that an action-oriented global compact might be instituted.

Yet, though in September of 2016 nearly 193 members of the assembly adopted the political agreement which declared the human right of refugees and migrants be recognized, the announcement on behalf of Guterres might be easier said than done.

According to The Guardian, migration is one of the most profound challenges of the modern day.

Though it can often drive economic growth and create diverse societies, migration is often a large source of tension both politically and socially, potentially causing troublesome effects on those seeking asylum.

The real scandal, the report suggests, is that too many migrants suffer the same troubling fate each year — jobs border on slavery, as videos and images suggest.

The outcome is arguably the result of government influence being absent from managing the crisis that comes with large-scale migration — a situation many have argued has caused...Read More HERE


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