90 Miles From Tyranny : Top JW investigator Warns FBI Is Threatening the President

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Top JW investigator Warns FBI Is Threatening the President

Earlier today, the FBI issued a statement of warning that releasing the memo gives a false impression. They claim it must not be released and say they have “grave concerns.”

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes issued a fiery response in two statements. In his second response, he said: “The memo contains all the relevant facts on FISA abuse. After fighting our demands for these documents for months, the FBI and DoJ now seem to be going through a series of increasingly ridiculous, increasingly desperate excuses to avoid transparency.”

The FBI sent five agents to House Intelligence to alter the memo. They are doing it to conceal the facts. They have obfuscated and refused to release data non-stop.

We need the original memo released!


Judicial Watch Chief Investigator Chris Farrell told Lou Dobbs the FBI is threatening the president. More importantly, it’s a grave threat to our Constitution.

Farrell said, “Let me boil it down, real simple, the FBI is threatening the President of the United States. They put him in a corner and said we really don’t want you to reveal all the criminality that is going on in the organization… This is a grave threat on the Constitution.”

Listen to his explanation:Read More HERE

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  1. just "leak" the damn thing and be done with it.
    if dan ellsburg can be praised for leaking secret documents, why cannot nunnes arbitrarily release sensitive, but unclassified information??