90 Miles From Tyranny : Comey’s tortured Trump collusion logic can’t be real. Here’s a little taste of the crazy cake.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Comey’s tortured Trump collusion logic can’t be real. Here’s a little taste of the crazy cake.

President Donald Trump’s denials about collusion with Russia are evidence he may actually have colluded.

That’s at least according to the logic of numerous Trump opponents, including former FBI Director James Comey.

“It’s always struck me as strange whenever someone continually denies something; it makes me interested. So his continual denial of something that’s being investigated by some of the best people in the country is strange,” Comey said at a Washington Post Live event on Tuesday.

Comey has made similar comments about Trump during a tour to promote his new book, “A Higher Loyalty.”

Trump’s repeated pushback on the Steele dossier raises the possibility that the salacious document is accurate, the former FBI chief has said.

The Kremlin is blackmailing Trump with video footage of him engaged with prostitutes during a 2013 stay at a Moscow hotel, the dossier claims. Comey says in his book Trump denied the allegation during several meetings they had in 2017. Comey found it peculiar Trump seemed so fixated on the dossier, which Democrats funded and former British spy Christopher Steele wrote, he said.

But Trump had reason to be “obsessed” with the dossier’s allegations, Washington Examiner columnist Eddie Scarry wrote.

“Yes, Trump was ‘obsessed’ because he was preoccupied with thoughts about prostitutes in his conversations with Comey, a man who on their first encounter — immediately brought up prostitutes!“ Scarry wrote in an April 21 column.

The backstory is it was Comey who broached the topic of Russian prostitutes with Trump. During a Jan. 6, 2017, briefing at Trump Tower, Comey told the then-president-elect about the existence of the dossier and its salacious allegations.

It is “unlikely” the Kremlin has compromising material on Trump, Comey has said in interviews for his book tour. But at the same time, he has harped on Trump’s denials about the dossier and collusion, suggesting they could be indicators of deception.

Comey is not the only Trump critic to use the same line of reasoning.

News outlets like CNN and MSNBC have run numerous segments making hay out of what they say is Trump’s overly emphatic denials about...

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