90 Miles From Tyranny : Despite the Media, Trump Pulling Down Wins for We the People

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Despite the Media, Trump Pulling Down Wins for We the People

I love the old gospel song "Peace in the Midst of the Storm." In the midst of the Deep State's raging, unprecedented hate-storm against Trump, he remarkably remains at peace, and so should we.

Trump and We the People are winning. The fake news media sell their lie 24-7 that voters regret voting for Trump and he is mere days from impeachment. In truth, Trump's approval has risen to 51%. Leftists are pulling their hair out in frustration, screaming, how can we stop this freaking outsider amateur politician? The tide is turning in our favor.

The Deep State's billions, traps, and lies continue to fail. Incredibly, Trump repeatedly lands on his feet, confidently pressing forward on making America great again. It's a God thing, folks.

At the 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner, Michelle Wolf wrongly assumed that her hate-filled attacks on Trump and the women in his administration, along with her callousness against unborn babies, would score a home run for liberalism. Even devout leftists were uncomfortable with Ms. Wolf vomiting the left's pure hatred for traditional Americans for all the world to see. Wolf's foul-mouthed, mean-spirited monologue hit a home run for conservatism. We are winning, folks.

Pop icon Kanye West's recent conservative comments and praise for Trump are huge. With Kanye's 27 million Twitter followers, millions of blacks heard conservatism for the first time. Since Kanye's conservative tweet, black male approval of Trump has doubled. In essence, Kanye's message mirrors mine: stop weakening yourselves with victim mindsets, make right choices, and simply go for your dreams. Liberate yourselves from slavery on the Democrats' government dependency plantation. In Trump and Kanye, God is using unexpected vessels to spread His truth. Conservatism truly is best for all people. Kanye represents a huge crack in the left's wall of ignorance enslaving low-info voters.

It was thrilling to hear Trump announce that the United States will withdraw from Obama's insane Iran nuke deal. Trump pulled no punches in explaining why Obama appeasing Iran was dangerous for America and our ally, Israel. For crying out loud, folks...what idiot president gives $150 billion to a regime that chants, "Death to America!"?

Israel is despised by most leftists. Trump having the courage to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and actually move our U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is amazing. Regarding Israel, God said, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse" (Gen. 12:3).

Remember Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was outrageously held in a Mexican jail for seven months? Obama refused to make a phone call for Tahmooressi's release. Presidential candidate Trump intervened, successfully freeing Tahmooressi.

Amazingly, Trump's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, is headed home from North Korea with three previously held hostages – a gesture of good faith for Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un. Can you say "Trump: The Art of the Deal," boys and girls?

In essence, Obama received an affirmative action Nobel Prize because he is black and for touring the world apologizing for...

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