90 Miles From Tyranny : Top 20 States With More Registered Voters Than Adult Citizens:

Friday, May 25, 2018

Top 20 States With More Registered Voters Than Adult Citizens:

Voter Fraud Is Real. Here’s The Proof


  1. In the South, we have long known that the number of Democrat votes do not the number of equal living, breathing, valid voters.

    Boxes of votes, fished out of auto trunks at the last minute have kept corrupt Democrat officials in office from age 30-80+.

    Even in a Republican state, in recent elections Democrat counties have had more votes than registered voters.

    Democrats know and employ over a dozen ways to commit election fraud.

    Here are some of those:

    - Prevent Voter Photo IDs - dead folks get to vote - Holder employed this one in several states.
    - No National Voter Registry allows multiple residency voters to vote twice or more.*(see below)
    - Hurried amnesty (and voting registration) for illegal aliens.
    - OWS/Arab Spring/Union type civil unrest (aka mob violence) Jimmy Hoffa Jr. promised violence at Obama fundraiser last Fall.
    - Voter Intimidation, Coercion by Unions, other groups
    - Media manipulation through programming, words, attitudes of journalists, comedians, etc. (shaping opinion of electorate)
    - Polls - polls and primaries control money and advertising budgets of candidates
    - Aggressive voter registration in Democratic areas (legal, but will cut corners)
    - Paid votes, community team organizers, buses
    - Votes for criminals, wanted felons
    - Vote count fraud - from hacking machines to trunks full of fraudulent votes (this happened last time around)
    - Americans Elect, a third party candidate would split republican vote and GUARANTEE a win for Obama. This organization is already very well funded by unknown donors and has registered in all 50 states. Trump or Cain (hope he won't be) may be tempted to fill this role.
    - the October Surprise - last-minute dirt-digging-slinging Axelrod machine.

  2. PS - Thank you for your dedication to vote/election integrity. In looking up the list in my 'files' I found a link to your blog from years ago!

    Keep up the good work! Blessings!

  3. So just exactly WHERE is "Law Enforcement"? And the "Legal" system?

    May every one of them - and their families - soon burn in hell where they belong.

    I see that some FBI agents are willing to come forward and tell about the fraud, corruption, treason, and sedition within the agency. But only if they're subpoenaed. Big brave men and women honoring their very oath of office to the Constitution. Or not...


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