90 Miles From Tyranny : WATCH: Tucker Carlson Makes A Fool Out Of 'White Privilege' Preacher David Burstein

Monday, May 21, 2018

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Makes A Fool Out Of 'White Privilege' Preacher David Burstein

Wednesday night on Fox News, Tucker Carlson exposed rising "progressive star" David Burstein with one simple question.

From American Thinker:

David D. Burstein is one of the young rising stars of progressivism, as a glance at his personal website reveals. Praise from the likes of Howard Dean, Judy Woodruff of PBS, and David Gergen reveal him to be an anointed one, predicting that Millennials will bring a glorious new era in his book Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World.

But last night, Burstein took on Tucker Carlson, defending a program at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, that offers credit for a program that focuses on what it alleges are traits of "dominant white culture" that include "superficiality" and "extreme exportation of labor and resources for profit." My impression is that he had never encountered someone willing to press him to go beyond his talking points.

Carlson went for the jugular and kept pressing Burstein, who defended these negative generalizations about white people, if he was willing to make a negative generalization about any other demographic group in America. Apparently realizing he was trapped because of the utter taboo on P.C. white males criticizing nonwhites in any way, but admitting that only whites can be negatively stereotyped would discredit him and the program he was defending, Burstein emitted word clouds of rhetoric.

It was a pleasure to watch.

Tucker: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is offering students credit if they create the series of "Witnessing whiteness" workshops in their hometown. The program is offered by the schools graduate certificate program in diversity social justice and inclusion. That is a department name that should strike fear into all who hear it, and for good reason, because among other things the program focuses on the alleged traits of the "Dominant white culture." These traits include "Superficiality" and "Extreme exportation of labor and resources for profit. "David Bernstein is the founder of the group run for America. He wrote the book fast future, how the millennial generation is shaping our world. Thanks for coming on.

Good to be with you.
Tucker: Are you surprised that racist stuff like this at exists in the open in 2018?
I don't know if I would necessarily call it...

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