90 Miles From Tyranny : China's military reforms to 'WIN A WAR' and overtake the US revealed in leaked memo

Friday, July 6, 2018

China's military reforms to 'WIN A WAR' and overtake the US revealed in leaked memo

CHINA’s military reforms have been revealed by leaked internal documents, which indicate Beijing intends to expand its military might offshore so that the country will be allowed to “manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war” and overtake the United States in military strength.

The leaked documents were published by the Central Military Commission in February for the purpose of spreading President Xi Jinping’s “thought on strengthening the armed forces”.

If the reforms go ahead, they will lead to heightened tensions with China’s neighbouring countries, including Japan, in the East and South China Seas and the US.

The documents read: “As we open up and expand our national interests beyond borders, we desperately need a comprehensive protection of our own security around the globe.”

The report adds a military expansion will allow China to “more effectively create a situation, manage a crisis, contain a conflict, win a war, defend the expansion of our country’s strategic interests in an all-round fashion and realise the goals set by the party and Chairman Xi”.

It also makes clear from the start that the People’s Liberation Army is in line with the “core” leader Xi Jinping and agrees and adheres to his thought on socialism for a new era.

According to Newsweek, the authors argue a “strong military might is important for a country to grow from being big to being strong,” indicating that the US, Russia and Japan are the example of it.

The document gives particular importance to avoiding the Thucydides Trap, which is when a rising power comes into conflict with a more established enemy.

The report said a strong military is the best way to...
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Mr. Bee said...

They've got a huge excess of males due to their "one baby" population control programs. That's usually a bad sign for peace.