90 Miles From Tyranny : Remember Where You Came From...

Monday, July 2, 2018

Remember Where You Came From...

Be Proud Of Your Heritage, Apologize To No One.


  1. Well, only those who managed not to be eaten or pulverized by said created a lineage. Of those, there are two sorts. The brave, who wouldn't bend a knee, fought, and sometimes died. And Democrats of their day, who ran. Thankfully, runners often just die tired. If it was as successful as running sounds, at first blush, that is all there would be. But it, as always, is a group mainly comprised of women and soy boys, whom women don't prefer. At least with guns, many women will stand and deliver if all else fails. Soy boys, however, will be and remain soyboys, and continue running.

  2. Soyboys
    Making America safe for Alphas since Dr Smith in Lost In Space


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