90 Miles From Tyranny : Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Survives Drone Attack

Monday, August 6, 2018

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Survives Drone Attack

Caught by surprise mid-speech, Maduro and his wife, looked up at the sky and winced after hearing the sound of an explosion.
A televised address by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was cut short during a speech at a military event on Saturday and soldiers were seen running before the TV transmission was cut off.

The 81st anniversary of the country’s National Guard was abruptly interrupted after an alleged assassination attempt on Maduro as documented on video, Maduro was delivering his speech when he and those around him onstage suddenly looked up as participants in the military demonstration rushed from the scene, according to several Venezuelan media outlets with access to the footage.

Explosions caused pandemonium sending National Guard troops scurrying in what administration officials called an assassination attempt using drones.
Oficers surrounding Maduro with what appeared to be a black bullet-proof barrier as they escorted him from the site. 

Maduro, who was unharmed, later told the nation, “To all of our friends in the world, I am fine, I am alive,” blaming right-wing elements and added, “The Bolivarian revolution keeps its path.”

“This was an attempt to kill me,” he said later in an impassioned retelling of the events. “Today they attempted to assassinate me.”

Within seconds, Maduro said he heard a second explosion and pandemonium ensued. Bodyguards escorted Maduro out of the event and television footage showed uniformed soldiers standing in formation quickly scattering from the scene.

“That drone came after me,” he said. “But there was a shield of love that...Read More HERE

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  1. 4-chen's flamethrower drone (used in an attempt to burn down "He Will Not Divide Us" flag in France) had more effort put than this.