90 Miles From Tyranny : Watch: Antifa Smash Windows of US Marine Corps Recruiting Office in Berkeley

Monday, August 6, 2018

Watch: Antifa Smash Windows of US Marine Corps Recruiting Office in Berkeley

On Sunday, police arrested several far left activists at Berkeley after violence erupted while two opposing rallies were taking place.
Anti-Marxist demonstrators were met with violence by masked Antifa thugs and other far left protesters–police in riot gear wrestled the violent leftists to the ground and made arrests.

Masked Antifa terrorists used hammers to smash windows of a US Marine Corps recruiting office at Berkeley.

Antifa terrorists then threatened the man who took video of them smashing windows with hammers.

“Get the # back. Cops aren’t here. They won’t help you,” Antifa told filmmaker, Ford Fischer.

“After I filmed the antifa break the Marine Corps office window and throw a torch into a dumpster, one of them called a few over to confront me. They basically told me to leave, implying attack if I...

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  1. On a Sunday no less. You would think they would be in church celebrating traditional western values.

  2. Howdy,

    Just out of curiosity.
    Why does this clip constantly reboot, and auto play?

    As for the wimpy terrorists with hammers, breaking defenseless windows.
    Catch those pantywaists, and send them off to Marine boot camp!

    Take care, be safe.
    God bless.
    Griz - Alaska

  3. constant rebooting is terrible

  4. Should have sent in this guy to handle antifa- safe and clear advice that will not be tolerated.