90 Miles From Tyranny : China's Secret Invasion Of South Africa

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

China's Secret Invasion Of South Africa


  1. Sounds much like things going on elsewhere. Explains all those empty cities that made no sense. There are areas in North America that are bound only by Chinese law; so no surprises here. However, Communism comes in all shapes and descriptions; from many other nations; it has its origins in the Talmud. The end goal is the same for those of us who are being eradicated. The Chinese already eat their own. I once did a piece and posted photos of Falon Gong slaves in fields awaiting body vans to come and use them for body parts.

    Most I know who visit there are globalist in tendency and are all excited about the superficial aspects not even seeing behind the glitter to the truth on the streets. The shopping, the food, the beauty of the place... etc. But not the lives of everyday folk.

    This is a whole different dimension to the displacement part of the Commie agenda. On an international scale, China needed somewhere to devour while America ate other places in its role as an arm of Western power. Each has taken a vastly different approach to the international chessboard.

    We live in interesting times as the old Chinese line goes. Now I think I will go and do my Christmas shopping. Everything I get will be locally made from decorations to treats to turkey. No malls; let me visit potters, weavers and artists. Staying as free of kosher-approved and China goods as possible.

  2. Let China discover what every Western colonial power knows. Africa is a shithole populated by ungrateful savages. On the other hand, perhaps China is ruthless enough to wipe out the blacks, in which case, more power to them.


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