90 Miles From Tyranny : Migrant reported for rape by German father who gave him a job

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Migrant reported for rape by German father who gave him a job

A migrant who was housed in the town of Brüggen is said to have raped the teenage daughter of his host. The perpetrator remains at large. For reasons of victim protection protecting the traitorous politicians, the public was not informed, police claim.

The “refugee” is said to have raped the teenager, and on October 29, immediately after the assault, the young girl accompanied her parents to the police station and reported the rape.

After research by the editor of the Rheinische Post a major German regional daily newspaper, it was revealed that the teenager had visited “two young men” in a flat where they drank alcohol. A 26-year-old then left the room, and the 22-year-old is said to have stayed behind after which he raped the teenager.

The police made enquiries and found the perpetrators, but they have not arrested the 22-year-old. “We do not have an urgent suspicion at the moment,” said Lothar Gathen, spokesman for the prosecutor in Mönchengladbach on Thursday.

There is also no risk of absconding, since the two defendants were in places that are known to the investigators, he said. The 22-year-old denies the act. He comes from Iraq according to police. The man is said to have lived in an accommodation for asylum seekers in Brüggen, but now no longer stay there, but with relatives in Essen.

The adolescent girl and the 22-year-old suspect evidently knew each other from the company where the young man was employed. The girl’s father had offered the migrant a job and has long been committed to the integration of “refugees” into the labor market.

He regularly offers internships and other support to migrants. The 22-year-old had been working for him since March, he said in an interview with the editorial staff.

The father is stunned that the migrant employee has raped his daughter: “That is very dreadful. That was a person whom I trusted. The event is horrible for us,” said the father. The daughter now struggles to sleep and has regular panic attacks. The father said he felt a great helplessness, “especially because that was a person who was so trusted”.

The police are continuing their investigation. There are many contradictions in the statements made by the parties, said police spokesman Wolfgang Goertz. The case will be handed over to the prosecutor in the coming days .

The prosecutor will then decide whether there are enough facts to go ahead with the case. Both the defendant and the adolescent are now represented by lawyers.

The fact that the police did not immediately inform the public about the migrant’s alleged rape was not due to the fact that the police wanted to sweep anything under the rug, police spokesman Goertz said.

“We did not communicate that for reasons of...

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