90 Miles From Tyranny : Being Vegan Makes You Mentally Disabled, Warns Top Danish Doctor

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Being Vegan Makes You Mentally Disabled, Warns Top Danish Doctor

“Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms."

The chief physician at a leading hospital in Denmark has warned that being vegan can cause mental disabilities and other disorders.

Dr. Allan Lund of Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen highlighted the risks of a vegan lifestyle for young people in an ​appearance last week on Danish TV.

“Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms, with muscle weakness, poor contact, and epilepsy,” he told TV4. "And in the long term mental retardation."

According to Lund, his hospital has recently treated a number of vegan kids with such problems.

The news program aired amid a national debate in Denmark over the growing phenomenon of parents putting their children on a plant-based diet.

Lunds' medical opinion will likely come as no surprise to some Americans. Last week, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an animal rights group that advocates veganism, tweeted out a chart of common sayings that it deemed "anti-animal" and so forbidden.

Amid widespread mockery of the PETA's intellect, it followed-up by explicitly comparing animal rights to those of African-Americans and gays, effectively one-upping its attempt days earlier to co-opt feminism.

The United States also has its fair share of progressive ​parenting ​trends ― from ​empowering children to pick their ​gender to ​teaching them social media values ― that may or may not be good for American youth.

To be fair: Research suggests that Americans' animal-products-heavy diet is less than ideal for their health or the environment. Plus, there are the moral arguments that eating animals is wrong.

However, even most liberals ― who by the way, tend to ​look to Denmark as an example ― continue to acknowledge the ​virtues of meat and to reject...
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SiGraybeard said...

I was just watching a talk by a Professor of Psychiatry who was saying the same thing. The worst, though, is that not only do the vegans retard themselves, the women retard their children. The children lose brain tissue.