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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tik Tok: the Nazi App


Doom said...

Really? Isn't he antifa, or worse?

capt fast said...

NAZI activities and or ideas depends a lot on you own definition of the term. I have my own definition of NAZI and it won't be the same as yours. I know of the historical context of the term NAZI, and what is going around today on social media to describe the term NAZI bears no relation to national socialist party historical descriptions. note the term socialist in the description. note the word socialist in the term union of soviet socialist republics. this is so confusing to some people. they use hate to replace self enlightenment. it's too difficult for them get a broad ranging education and THINK for themselves. (does higher education broaden or narrow the thoughts of children in university today is an altogether different question. recall the old "soviet" addage- "hard to chose between guns and butter when the serfs don't know what butter is.")