90 Miles From Tyranny : Seven Horrific Crimes by Illegal Immigrants that Networks BURIED

Friday, January 18, 2019

Seven Horrific Crimes by Illegal Immigrants that Networks BURIED

Broadcast networks really don’t want to talk about illegal immigrant crime.

Last month, NewsBusters commended ABC, CBS, and NBC for spending a combined 28 minutes in their evening news broadcasts on the murder of Newman, California police Corporal Ronil Singh by an illegal alien. However, that coverage was a rare exception to broadcast television’s overall lousy track record of burying crimes committed by individuals living in the U.S. illegally.

Crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens deserve attention because, by their very nature, all of them theoretically could have been prevented with sufficient enforcement of existing laws. Even if the crime rate among illegal aliens were a fraction of that among the native population, those few offenses still committed would be otherwise avoidable if the culprits had been either deported or prevented from entering in the first place.

MRC analysts examined Nexis transcripts of all network evening news coverage from 2018 and compiled the following list of some of the most heinous crimes committed by unlawful residents over the past year. None of these stories received even a second of evening news coverage – with the exception of the Colorado Spring Wildfire, which the networks briefly covered without mentioning the accused’s immigration status.

Authorities: "Violent Crime Spree"

On December 16 2018, Gustavo Garcia allegedly gunned down 51-year-old Rocky Jones at a Visalia, California gas station, in what authorities described as part of a “violent crime spree.” Garcia, whom authorities also believe was responsible for a string of other shootings in the area, was previously ordered deported in 2014. His criminal record dates back to 2002.

Senior Citizen Dismembered, Beheaded

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