90 Miles From Tyranny : Virginia House Panel Smacks Down Democrat Governor's Gun Control Bills

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Virginia House Panel Smacks Down Democrat Governor's Gun Control Bills

Virginia’s Democratic governor just knew he was going to get gun control passed in his state. That was clear from his comments.

Of course, politicians usually think their measures are going to pass. Otherwise, why bother proposing most of them, right?

Well, Gov. Ralph Northam has got to be disappointed. It seems a GOP-majority subcommittee smacked down each gun control bill brought before it.

A Republican-led subcommittee in the Virginia House of Delegates voted down more than a dozen Democratic gun control bills Thursday, including a red-flag proposal endorsed by President Donald Trump’s school safety committee.

In a packed hearing room, Republicans on a House Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee used their 4-2 majority to methodically defeat the gun bills over the course of more than two hours.

For the first time, the panel heard arguments about a bill to create extreme risk protection orders, which would allow authorities to take guns from people whose behavior gives law enforcement reason to believe they may hurt others or themselves.

The idea gained bipartisan support after last year’s school shooting in Parkland, Fla., but Thursday’s vote indicates Virginia won’t join the 13 states that have risk protection laws.

“I had hoped that this bill would show itself as one that could break the partisan logjam that we seem to be stuck in when it comes to gun safety bills,” said Del. Rip Sullivan, D-Fairfax, the bill’s sponsor. “This is a bill that Republicans all across the country support.”

It’s not a gun safety bill. It’s a gun confiscation bill.

As it stands, they’re looking at taking guns from a few people, but when the barriers are so low to get an order issued and no penalties for doing so falsely, only a fool would support...

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  1. unfortunately this is just a temporary reprieve. holdovers from eric holder at justice dept forced a redistricting of several key districts which will give the dimocrats the majority forever. va. is toast, headed the kalifornia path. i'm at the crossroads between moving to a friendlier locale or die in place. just spent 10 years building a homestead from nothing here and i don't think i have another in me.

  2. The creeping sickness apathy is the enemy of us all. Pvssy-hatted assclowns like Northam are merely a symptom.


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