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Monday, March 18, 2019

Nothing Free For Illegals...


  1. Unfortunately, keeping illegals inside the country but taking away social bennies tends to radicalize the illegals. That's what happened in Kalifornia when the voters okayed a "no money for illegals" bill but the Kalifornia Supreme court killed it. The illegals immediately became political and their kids - born in the US and so can legally vote - are now solid Democrats. The only actual way to deal with illegals is to move them out of the country. That's the entire idea of border laws, right? Unfortunately too many rich people's income depends on keeping them here. So what it comes down to is the end of morality and patriotism sacrificed for personal gain. Coulter had it exactly right - "Adios America" isn't just a catchy title for her book, it's already happened.

  2. That is the only way to deal with illegals. It's also the only just and moral way for them, the legal immigrants and we American citizens.

  3. More importantly, this needs to extend to 'anchor babies.'
    That is usually an illegal alien's path to the welfare gravy chain.


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