90 Miles From Tyranny : Philadelphia Mosque Under Investigation for Child Weddings, Rape

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Philadelphia Mosque Under Investigation for Child Weddings, Rape

There’s a horrifying story out of Philadelphia, as police are investigating an area mosque for allegedly facilitating child marriages and, by extension, child rape.

WPVI-TV reports that it all started with a Facebook video from a 17-year-old girl who says she was married off at age 14 in 2016:

“At the time I was a virgin. It was going to be my first marriage of course,” said the teen.
She says it didn’t last. And in 2016, she says she was married off to Rajmann Sanders, a man more than twice her age who then allegedly began sexually assaulting her and her 10-year-old sister.
“The 10-year-old was not handled correctly and everything was swept under the rug. Not only was it wrong, it was wrong to me because at the time I was still his wife,” she said.

The Department of Human Services are currently looking after the victims. As horrible as this is, it may only be the first of many nightmares. Police are now looking into the Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo mosque where one of the marriages allegedly occurred as well as the home of one of the leaders.

“This is not healthy for me or my kids. No one should want their kids around this, especially with the pedophilia, that should be enough to say no I don’t want my kids around this,” the 17-year-old victim said.

Does this mean every mosque is a potential pedophile den? Of course not. But the fact that this sort of thing is never a leading national news story, while the mainstream media has laid it on so thick with the Catholic Church’s abuse scandal, tells us we can’t expect to get from the MSM a clear picture of how big the mosque abuse scandal really is.

Remember that the Left is happy to ignore child abuse when one of their favored institutions is implicated. From Ann Coulter’s 2007 book Godless...

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