90 Miles From Tyranny : The BRUTAL TRUTH About Socialism Leftists Try to Hide

Friday, March 15, 2019

The BRUTAL TRUTH About Socialism Leftists Try to Hide

Socialism destroys people, destroys countries and destroys the dignity and rights of the individual — and those millennials who fail to grasp this desperately need a history lesson ASAP.

This brings us to Utah man Brad Torgersen, who penned a powerful diatribe this Sunday, explaining why socialism never works.

“Socialism requires an authority capable of bending the knees of the people to the will of the state,” he explained on Facebook. “There is no form of national socialism which has ever existed without very powerful governmental authority, and a police force capable of backing up that authority.”

Indeed. Socialism places the collective “good” over the well-being of the individual, meaning that for it to work, there must be a mechanism in place so that the government can “make people with ‘too much’ give up things so that people with ‘too little’ receive those same things.”

Moreover, socialism robs men and women of “the fruits of their creativity, intelligence and labor” — thus taking away the incentive for people to work hard and achieve greatness. For you see, in a socialist society, greatness cannot be achieved, because everybody is the same.

“Societies which bankrupt the incentives to work, always collapse,” Torgersen added. “Fewer and fewer people carry more and more of the burden, until the whole thing crumbles. It happened in Soviet Russia. It *is* happening in Greece and Venezuela.”

Torgersen then cited many, many, many examples of where socialism and social engineering led to “an overwhelming documented record of human woe”:

“The snuffing out of well over a hundred *million* human lives, during the 20th century alone,” Torgersen continued. “Men. Women. Children. Starved. Beaten. Jailed. Tortured. Mutilated. Mass graves. Erased from history — because they were deemed...

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  1. When the Republic was handed to us, we were told it was ours, if we could keep it. If only those who were originally allowed to vote were still voting exclusively, communists wouldn't be running the FBI, NSA, or be in any positions of power in the republic. The republic would be rightly informed by those who create prosperity, not the grasshoppers which merely consume it.

    As is, the republic is dead set on forcing a pure democracy in order to somehow keep the rich as they are. The logic of the snake eating it's own tail in order to live forever. It worked no better for Cain and Able as it will today.

    I don't see a way out, save a whole hell of a lot of blood. No politician, in this country, would keep his job if rightly judged, nor bureaucrat or judge, let alone there heads. Don't expect much, everyone, for now, is getting their... what was it Pelosi called them? Ah, breadcrumbs.

  2. Communism. 100 million "eggs" "broken" in the last century and not one "omelette" to show for it.


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