90 Miles From Tyranny : ..You Can Pay For That Shit Your Damn Self...

Saturday, March 16, 2019

..You Can Pay For That Shit Your Damn Self...



  1. Whenever I meet folk who want a college education completely paid for by the government I refer them to their local military recruitment office. I was in the Air Force and I was able to complete my degree without incurring any debt. And I remind people that the military also offers free housing, a food allowance at the chow hall, free clothes, and free healthcare. But they never seem to find my suggestion helpful or amusing. Oh,well.

    1. My oldest brother, an optimist of 70 years experience, is want to say "fuck the doomed".

  2. I also found the time to pursue my engineering degree while in the USAF. what a good deal that was. It was good to have something to do while standing alert during the cold war and took my mind off of what it was that I was there to do at any moment.
    kids today need to exercise some discretion in the courses they elect to take in higher education. some courses are as effective in future job hunting as getting a swastika tattooed on the forehead and "fuckyou" tattooed on the knuckles. such classes are cheap and easy to pass. they should be passed by. choose the difficult classes where in you will actually learn how to think instead of just repeating what you have been told.