90 Miles From Tyranny : Notre Dame On Fire....

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame On Fire....

My suspicion is that it is arson, likely from the migrant workers hired to fix it....

What Do You Think?


  1. Spontaneous Combustion exists and is a possibility, though I tend to think that Spontaneous Muslim may be more likely.

  2. Since I am not a Democrat, I think it is too early to start pointing fingers. Let's wait until the embers cool and see if there is any evidence first.

  3. As I have it, there wasn't any work being done. At the very least not where the fire was set. France isn't Catholic,let alone Christian, anymore. What does some old building have to do with anything? Even as a Catholic, the quicker they get rid of the old symbols they no longer profess, the sooner the church will choose a pope who doesn't support those who destroy the church, from inside or out, of reason, philosophy, or structure. At this point it simply doesn't matter.


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